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America Olivo Biography

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America Athene Olivo  born January 5, 1978 is an actress and singer most notable for her membership in the Spanish- & English-language band Soluna. Born in Los Angeles, she has multiple citizenships: American, Canadian and Italian. Born to father Nello Olivo and mother Danica d'Hondt (Miss Canada 1959). She recently starred in the new Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

America Olivo Pictures

Music and modeling
Shortly after graduating with her bachelor degree from The Juilliard School in New York City, Olivo returned to her native Los Angeles where she formed the band Soluna with Aurora Rodriguez, T Lopez and Jessica Castellanos.

Based on their stage and recording successes, UPN made a deal with Soluna to develop a sitcom based on their lives as a band. In April 2004, they filmed the Soluna pilot which aired on UPN. UPN declined to pick up the series after the pilot.

Soluna disbanded in late 2004, and Olivo concentrated on her career as an actress and solo musician.

In 2008, Olivo appeared in the dance single titled "Deja Vu" with an album release under Dauman Music expected in 2009. Currently working with Stereo Martini and Billy Steinberg on her upcoming album. That same year, she appeared nude and painted in head to toe silver on the cover of Mötley Crüe's Saints of Los Angeles album. Olivo is also on the cover of two well known romance novels.

Olivo appeared on the cover of the June 2009 issue of Playboy magazine. Inside she appears in seven fully nude photos, shot by fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

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Stage and screen
The Soluna pilot opened many doors for Olivo, allowing her the opportunity to return to her roots in the theater when she performed the lead female role in a new musical Hotel C'est L'Amour, at The Blank Theatre in Los Angeles. In 2007, Olivo was nominated for an LA Weekly Theater Award for originating the role of "Marie" in this production.

Olivo recently starred in the new Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark as a swing and understudy for the lead role of "Arachne". Previews began on November 28, 2010. When Natalie Mendoza, who starred as Arachne, suffered a concussion at that first preview, Olivo played the role for several weeks in December 2010. The physically demanding role involves aerial sequences, including being spun upside-down. When Mendoza unexpectedly left the show permanently later that month, the role of Arachne went to T.V. Carpio instead of Olivo, who remained as understudy. When Carpio was injured in March 2011 and withdrew from the show for two weeks, Olivo performed the role again. Olivo left the show on April 17, 2011, when the show closed for revisions. She did not return when performances resumed May 12.

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Aside from performing on stage, she quickly became busy outside of her musical career with Soluna, appearing as a guest star in numerous television series such as House, General Hospital, The Brother's Garcia, How I Met Your Mother, Jake In Progress, Cuts Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS: Los Angeles. Olivo continues to perform as a singer, recording original music and performing covers for films. Recently, the remake of Maniac starring Elijah Wood, No One Lives starring Luke Evans and Conception starring David Arquette.

America Olivo Pictures

In 2007, Olivo completed features titled The Last Resort and Love Shack. In 2008, she was featured in the DVD release The Thirst: Blood War starring opposite Tony Todd and Jason Connery and the theatrical release Circle. Olivo's 2009 theatrical releases in leading roles are action/comedy Bitch Slap and Michael Bay’s new reboot of Friday the 13th. In February 2009, she wrapped the feature film Neighbor, where she met husband Christian Campbell.

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